On August 26, 2016, DD waiver providers were invited to participate in a voluntary Provider Survey that collected details about the services they planned to offer under the amended DD Waivers.  Provider Development obtained the assistance of the DBHDS Quality Data Team to make these results available in an easy-to-use format that should be helpful in locating providers across the state. The Provider Survey remains available online and we continue to encourage providers to participate by completing the survey.

The initial survey results collected through March 2017 are offered through the "Search for Providers" link below with the understanding that they are not inclusive of all possible provider options and that they are subject to change over time. We will be updating the online database quarterly going forward, so we anticipate more options to become available as new surveys are completed. If a provider is listed in the database, it is possible that they are not yet offering a particular service, but contacts could influence the provider’s decisions and timelines.


The provider database contains the following four primary functions:

First, select the desired city or county.

Then select the desired DD waiver service.

Results are displayed.

​Selecting a provider’s email address provides the option to email them directly from the table.

We hope you find this resource useful in accessing DD waiver services in Virginia. The Provider Survey results are available online at

the search link below.



Anticipated providers of DD Waiver Services as of March 31, 2017

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